Top 12 Reasons Luck Stayed at Stanford

Posted: January 7, 2011 in Opinions
Andrew Luck

Andrew Luck went against the grain by staying in school. Is sacrificing a degree worth the loss of millions? (

Call him whatever you want – an idiot, moron, ridiculous, or insane. It won’t make a difference however, as Andrew Luck has decided to pass on the 2011 NFL Draft.

Luck, a redshirt sophomore at Stanford, decided to pursue his degree instead of cash in on being the likely No. 1 overall draft pick in the Spring.
Luck issued a statement via Stanford in which he said, “I am committed to earning my degree in architectural design from Stanford University and am on track to accomplish this at the completion of the spring quarter of 2012.”
There were many other factors than just the pursuit of a collegiate degree that kept Luck in college. According to sources, his father, who once was an NFL quarterback himself, advised his son to speak with close family friend Peyton Manning. Manning influenced Luck to stay at Stanford – more than likely because he doesn’t want to face him at the pro level (of course, Carolina comes to Indianapolis in 2011).
Many other factors include his commitment to his teammates he entered the college experience with. Luck also has a serious girlfriend as well, which we all know can keep anyone from doing anything given the right circumstances. Additionally, Luck may simply just not want to see his career start in the same garbage disposal Jimmy Clausen’s did last season. Maybe this year of biding time is a way of hoping San Fransisco goes 2-14 next year so former head coach Jim Harbaugh and Luck can be reunited. Who knows?
Being the wise ass I am, I found it appropriate to take some stabs at this whole situation. Personally, I couldn’t leave college soon enough if I was given the option of staying or receiving a $50 million check. But to each his own, and Luck has every right to make this decision.
Here though are the ONLY reasons I would suspect Luck would stay in Stanford and forego the NFL. Fittingly, there are 12 which matches the uniform Luck wears. How’s this on for size?
12. The weather in California is just too nice.
11. Luck hasn’t pulled a Reggie Bush and cheated his way to a Heisman Trophy yet.
10. The excuse “it’s college” only applies for so long.
9. Luck’s girlfriend doesn’t have unlimited picture messaging (think about it).
8. Peyton Manning paid him off to stay out of his way.
7. Maybe architecture is fun? Doubt it, but hey.
6. Matt Leinart could take ballroom dancing – why not Luck?
5. Luck’s intramural basketball team is looking to run the table this winter.
4. Lucks wants to remain the BMOC – and who wouldn’t?
3. Charlotte doesn’t have any Jimmy John’s near by.
2. Training camp would cut into Luck’s Call of Duty: Black Ops playing time.
1. Carolina just flat out sucks.

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