How I See It – The Final Weekend of the Regular Season

Posted: December 31, 2010 in Opinions
Sam Bradford

Sam Bradford's Rams have a chance to clinch the final NFC division against the Seahawks on national television. Despite poor records, the game will be entertaining (

That’s right friends, I’m back. After taking most of December off and finishing the semester, I’ve decided to make the time to continue blogging. No longer am I strictly a fantasy football blogger as I was for the class that this blog was made for. This is my opinion raw and uncut. I’m free to speak my mind and I hope you find my opinions entertaining and food for thought.

This weekend wraps up the 2010 NFL regular season and the playoff pictures are just about set.

And before I go any further, I must give major props to Roger Goodell for making the regular season finale nothing but divisional match-ups. The change ensures at least games that are meaningless will be heated rivalry contests and fun for the fans of those specific franchises.

In the AFC, just about everything is set except for the AFC North and South champions. The Patriots locked up home-field last weekend after blasting the Bills. Pittsburgh wins the No. 2 seed and clinches a first round bye with a win at Cleveland. The surprising AFC West champ Chiefs are almost locks for the 3 seed. The Colts control their own destiny and win the South with a victory over the Titans. The Jaguars would need the Colts to lose and win against the Texans without David Garrard and MJD to capture the division. That’s their only chance to get in as they’ve already been eliminated from wild card contention. Speaking of, the Jets and Ravens are the two wild cards at this moment. Both have secured playoff berths. While the Jets are stuck as the No. 5 or No. 6 seed, Baltimore with a win against the Bengals and a Pittsburgh loss would win the North and thus force the Steelers to become a wild card team.

Things are a little more entertaining in the NFC going into the final weekend of play. The No. 1 seed has yet to be awarded and three teams are in the running. The most likely scenario is that Atlanta, who controls it’s own destiny, will win it with a victory at home against the pathetic Panthers. Should by some miracle they lose that game, the Saints – who clinched a berth last week against Atlanta – would then take the home-field advantage if they can topple the Bucs. And should Tampa and Carolina shock the NFL world, the Bears would become the conference’s top team. Chicago can finish no worse than the No. 2 seed. The Eagles are locked in as the 3, the winner of St. Louis/Seattle will eliminate the other and capture the 4 seed. The aforementioned Saints most likely end up as the 5 seed. Green Bay has the easiest route to the final wild card spot as all they need to do is beat the Bears, who may rest it’s starters. The Giants are hoping for a Bears win or else the Giants are out. Tampa Bay is the most unlikely team to win the last wild card,  as they would need a win paired with losses by Green Bay and the Giants to stay alive.

So to summarize, this is how the playoffs will look after I simmed the week 17 games myself:


1. Atlanta Falcons

2. Chicago Bears

3. Philadelphia Eagles

4. St. Louis Rams

5. New Orleans Saints

6. Green Bay Packers


1. New England Patriots

2. Pittsburgh Steelers

3. Kansas City Chiefs

4. Indianapolis Colts

5. Baltimore Ravens

6. New York Jets

It will be exciting to see how the season plays out. Make sure to tune in this Sunday to CBS and FOX. Both networks will be carrying double headers and all 16 of the league’s games are on one day.

For more information on what games are on in your area, make sure to visit The 506 website for a list of game schedules and broadcast talents calling them.

P.S. It’s good to be back.

  1. I bet it’s good to be back. Other than the Rams, you were totally right about everything else.


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