Fantasy Season Quickly Nearing “The End”

Posted: November 9, 2010 in Opinions


Kyle Orton

Owners of Kyle Orton who don't plan on playing him regularly should cash him in for other talent while his value is still high (

Fantasy football owners should realize that Week 10 of the regular season means there’s only 3 or 4 weeks left in most fantasy season. By this point you should know if you’re a contender or pretender. It’s crunch time people! Don’t worry if you’re unsure about how to get your team ready for the final few weeks. Consider some of the steps below as the push for the playoffs rolls on.


There are certain things owners must do to ensure they will be in their league’s playoffs. Most trading deadlines are nearing and may have already come and gone. If your league still allows for inter-squad swapping, consider making roster moves to booster your starters (refer to “How to Strike Up A Good Deal“).

Benches at this point are irrelevant. There’s no use holding on to talent at receiver if your starting running backs are just alright. You need to convert this talent to set out the best roster every week. If it means having a small team but great starting players, go for it. The waiver wires can only do so much.

Don’t worry about your team’s record. Just make sure you are within shouting distance of the final playoff position. If you’re in a 10 team league and you find yourself at 4-5, odds are there are a few 2-7 or 1-8 barnacles at the bottom of the standings (usually those whose interest fades out over time). Do what you have to do to make the top 4, top 6, or top 8 spots for playoff eligibility.

For any suggestions on trade proposals, waiver wire additions, or who to start, follow me on Twitter @TheLYONSDen89


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