Wade Phillips Dumped in Dallas

Posted: November 8, 2010 in News
Wade Phillips

A disappointed Wade Phillips got the boot from Dallas Monday. He is the first of many changes coming the Cowboys' way (BCNN1.com).

Following last night’s embarrassing blow-out on national television, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones told the press he had many decisions to make. It appears he has made his first.

Wade Phillips has been fired from the Cowboys within the last hour. Phillips’ Cowboys are 1-7 in this 2010 NFL season, failing to achieve any success with his team. The team’s offensive coordinator and highly paid “coach in the waiting” Jason Garrett will lead the charge for the remainder of the season. Obviously, the Cowboys are in garbage time with auditions for the 2011 season beginning to take place.

Under Phillips’ direction, his squad was 4th best in passing yardage but 31st rushing the football. His defense, which he was also the coordinator of, was second to last in points allowed and 17th worst in surrendering yardage. Not to mention, the Cowboys are easily the most penalized team in the NFL which shows their lack of discipline and professionalism.

Jones was quoted last night saying,  “There are a lot of people here who are certainly going to suffer and suffer consequences. I’m talking about within the team, players, coaches, who have got careers. This is certainly a setback. I know first hand what it is to have high expectations.”

Well said, Jerry. This was supposed to be Dallas’ year. Super Bowl XLV, which will be held at Cowboy Stadium, was supposed to be the first Super Bowl to feature a team playing a “home game.” The Cowboys got their first playoff win last season since the 1990’s. Everything was supposed to click and come together in 2010. The only thing to go right in Big D was selling tickets. To think those poor fans spent all their hard-earned money before the season started hoping to see a 13-3 Cowboys team go to the Super Bowl in their own backyard. Ouch.

Phillips was 34-20 in his three and a half years in Dallas. Some of his most “memorable” playoff moments include  losing to the Giants at home in the year where they reached the Super Bowl, the botched extra point in Seattle when quarterback Tony Romo failed to hold the snap, and then being dismantled in Minnesota last year. All these moments came in the last three consecutive seasons respectively.

So the hunt is on for a new head coach and defensive coordinator for Jones. It won’t be long until talks of Harbough, Cowler, and Dungy come to surface as potential candidates for the vacancy. While none may be realistic, the current system in place is obviously a failure. Anything may be better right now than the egotistical Cowboys roster of 2010.

Just think about this – Dallas right now has a top three draft pick if they continue to be cellar dwellers in the NFC East. They are amongst the ranks of the Bills and Panthers for the league’s worst records. Imagine if they finish 2010 with a 1-15 mark (which to be frank doesn’t sound that unrealistic). How would the Texans feel? They’re the only team Dallas beat so far. Looks like the joke’s on them.


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