Feel Good Story Concludes High School Game

Posted: September 28, 2010 in News

What an amazing moment it must have been to be in Snohomish, WA this last Friday night as Ike Ditzenberger’s Snohomish High School football team played rival Lake Stevens. Ditzenberger, 17, suffers from Down Syndrome. During Friday night’s game, Snohomish trailed 35-0 with 0:10 left in the football game when Ditzenberger came in and ran for a 51 yard touchdown to make the final 35-6. Ditzenberger scored his first ever varsity touchdown, making the ending of a tough loss heartfelt and emotional for the fans in attendance.

Keith Wigney, a Snohomish senior captain, stated about his teammate that, “(Ditzenberger) is someone that everybody can kind of enjoy because he has such a great personality and character.”

The head coaches were well aware of the plot to let the Snohomish junior score, with both teams mimicking authentic blocks and broken tackle attempts to help make the moment feel more sincere.

This is the beauty of sports. If this doesn’t inspire you and make you feel good, you need to get your heart restarted. This just goes to prove what spirit and charisma can go into sports. It’s such a phenominal story. Beautifully done.


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