Week 3 Fantasy Preview

Posted: September 23, 2010 in Uncategorized

Brett Favre (left) and Visanthe Shiancoe could be a deadly combination in week 3 agaisnt Detroit.

Get ready for a wet, sloppy Sunday of NFL action.

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Sunday, September 26, 2010

TEN (1-1) @ NYG (1-1) – 12:00pm, CBS

Favorite: NYG (-3)

Forecast: 67 degrees, 40% chance of showers

Start ‘Em: Ahmad Bradshaw (NYG-RB), Chris Johnson (TEN-RB)

Sit ‘Em: Eli Manning (NYG-QB)

Prediction: A battle of two ground-attack teams. Expect the outcome to come down to turnovers. Great game for running backs. Eli has a tough match-up with a good Titans secondary and V.Y. is coming off being relieved by Kerry Collins last week. Give me the Titans to upset, 17-10.

SF (0-2) @ KC (2-0) – 12:00pm, FOX

Favorite: SF (-2.5)

Forecast: 73 degrees, Sunny

Start ‘Em: Frank Gore (SF-RB), Vernon Davis (SF-TE)

Sit ‘Em: Jamaal Charles (KC-RB)

Prediction: The Niners are the best of the 0-2 teams in the league. After a close loss to the Saints on Monday Night Football last week, San Fran will come back hard against a Kansas City team that has lived off of special teams play. That ends this week. San Francisco wins 23-9.

DAL (0-2) @ HOU (2-0) – 12:00pm, FOX

Favorite: HOU (-3)

Forecast: Retractable roof closed (88 degrees, 40% chance of scattered thunderstorms)

Start ‘Em: Tony Romo (DAL-QB), Miles Austin (DAL-WR), Matt Schaub (HOU-QB), Andre Johnson (HOU-WR)

Sit ‘Em: Marion Barber (DAL-RB)

Prediction: This will be an old fashioned Texas shootout. It’s a battle of the big plays in the air. Both QB-WR combos make for good matchups in this game. Caution when playing Arian Foster or Marion Barber as the rushing attacks may be limited. In the end, I think Houston stuns planet earth and hands Dallas their 3rd straight loss. Give me Houston, 27-20.

BUF (0-2) @ NE (1-1) – 12:00pm, CBS

Favorite: NE (-14)

Forecast: 62 degrees, 40% chance of showers

Start ‘Em: Tom Brady (NE-QB), Randy Moss (NE-WR), Wes Welker (NE-RB)

Sit ‘Em: Fred Taylor (NE-RB)

Prediction: Not much of a contest here. Barring a meteor shower striking Gilette Stadium before the Patriots come out for their pregame warm-ups, this game should be a no contest. Having said that, consider a Bills receiver only in the case you’re in a 12 or 14 person league. They’ll be down late, trying to air it out. Play your Pats and watch them cruise to a 35-13 victory.

CLE (0-2) @ BAL (1-1) – 12:00pm, CBS

Favorite: BAL (-10.5)

Forecast: 70 degrees, 40% chance of showers

Start ‘Em: Ray Rice (BAL-RB), Anquan Boldin (BAL-WR)

Sit ‘Em: Jerome Harrison (CLE-RB)

Prediction: Take your pick – Seneca Wallace vs. the Baltimore Ravens front seven. My money is on the Ravens. They held Mark Sanchez and Carson Palmer in check weeks 1 and 2, so why should we see anything different in week 3? Ravens should be content running the ball 25-30 times with Rice so he could have a big game. Baltimore should handle the Browns easy, 28-6.

DET (0-2) @ MIN (0-2) – 12:00pm, FOX

Favorite: MIN (-11)

Forecast: N/A (Dome)

Start ‘Em: Jahvid Best (DET-RB), Brett Favre (MIN-QB), Adrian Peterson (MIN-RB), Visanthe Shiancoe (MIN-TE)

Sit ‘Em: Calvin Johnson (DET-WR), Brandon Pettigrew (DET-TE)

Prediction: One of these teams has to get their first win of 2010 and I’ll be surprised if it’s not Minnesota. Who needs this win more? Minnesota, obviously. Favre has yet to have a game this season where his numbers are appealing to the eye, but with corners like Chris Houston opposing him, he should have success passing. Shiancoe will be a huge target this week in Minnesota’s 33-24 win.

ATL (1-1) @ NO (2-0) – 12:00pm, FOX

Favorite: NO (-4)

Forecast: N/A (Dome)

Start ‘Em: Roddy White (ATL-WR), Michael Turner (ATL-RB), Drew Brees (NO-QB), Devry Henderson (NO-WR), Robert MEachem (NO-WR)

Sit ‘Em: Matt Ryan (ATL-QB), Marcus Colston (NO-WR)

Prediction: There are plenty of good fantasy matchups in the Super Dome this weekend. While I’m not crazy on Ryan this week, if you can do no better at QB you should start him over Garrard, Palmer, etc. Colston will be a non-factor being covered by Dunta Robinson, so Brees should find his other two receivers plenty. The Saints loss of Bush just means more passing for the home team. In an upset, I see Atlanta making New Orleans too one dimensional and thus beating the Champs 19-17 on the road.

PIT (2-0) @ TB (2-0) – 12:00pm, CBS

Favorite: PIT (-2.5)

Forecast: 89 degrees, 40% of scattered thunderstorms

Start ‘Em: Rashard Mendenhall (PIT-RB)

Sit ‘Em: Hines Ward (PIT-WR), Heath Miller (PIT-TE)

Prediction: This head to head between undefeated Pittsburgh and Tampa Bay may be the most surprising matchup in week 3 simple for the fact no one saw this coming. Charlie Batch gets the nod at quarterback for the Steelers this week, so caution playing any Pittsburgh receivers. Tampa Bay has limited fantasy stars. This is a horrible matchup for Josh Freeman who has been a pleasant surprise so far. The Roethlisberger-less Steelers salvage another win, 20-10, while their franchise QB is still one week away.

CIN (1-1) @ CAR (0-2) – 12:00pm, CBS

Favorite: CIN (-3)

Forecast: 79 degrees, 50% chance of scattered thunderstorms

Start ‘Em: Cedric Benson (CIN-RB), Chad Ochocinco (CIN-WR), DeAngelo Williams (CAR-RB), Steve Smith (CAR-WR)

Sit ‘Em: Carson Palmer (CIN-QB)

Prediction: On paper this game seems a little hard to predict. While Jimmy Clausen will make his first NFL start for Carolina, their offensive game plan with a new leader has yet to be determined. Will they rely on him to air the ball out better than Matt Moore or will they simply run the ball until he feels more comfortable under center? The Bengals have yet to really establish a consistent offense. Other than Benson or Ochocinco, I recommend shunning other Bengals. Cincy wins this one on the road 26-14.

WSH (1-1) @ STL (0-2) – 3:05pm, FOX

Favorite: WSH (-3.5)

Forecast: N/A (Dome)

Start ‘Em: Donovan McNabb (WSH-QB), Santana Moss (WSH-WR), Chris Cooley (WSH-TE), Steven Jackson (STL-RB)

Sit ‘Em: Sam Bradford (STL-QB)

Prediction: Somewhat surprised McNabb’s right arm is still attached to his torso, I love McNabb this week against a poor Rams defense. After Washington throw the ball 38 times against the Texans and 32 times against the Cowboys week 1, it is clear the Redskins are content passing. I forecast big weeks this week for the Washington offense as they handle Bradford’s Rams 31-16.

PHI (1-1) @ JAX (1-1) – 3:05pm, FOX

Favorite: PHI (-3)

Forecast: 85 degrees, 30% chance of isolated thunderstorms

Start ‘Em: Michael Vick (PHI-QB), LeSean McCoy (PHI-RB), DeSean Jackson (PHI-WR), Jeremy Maclin (PHI-WR), Maurice Jones-Drew (JAX-RB)

Sit ‘Em: David Garrard (JAX-QB)

Prediction: Garrard threw 4 interceptions last week in San Diego. He needs a nice bounce back week before he gets my vote of confidence again, and unfortunately it will have to wait another 7 days. Andy Reid did Vick owners a solid by naming him the starter so be confident slotting Vick into your QB position. Vick’s scrambling has done wonders for McCoy the first two weeks, so play him as well. Philly can win in Jacksonville and I predict they will by a score of 28-10.

IND (1-1) @ DEN (1-1) – 3:15pm, CBS

Favorite: IND (-5.5)

Forecast: 82 degrees, Sunny

Start ‘Em: Peyton Manning (IND-QB), Reggie Wayne (IND-WR), Knowsean Moreno (DEN-RB)

Sit ‘Em: Any Denver receivers

Prediction: The Broncos have yet to establish their number one receiver. Orton has spread the ball around so much it makes owners of Broncos receivers uncertain who will get the big week. Knowsean Moreno should have a great game against a bad Colts defense when it comes to run stoppage. Manning and Wayne will be reliable as usual. Denver somehow finds a way to win this contest. My gut tells me they upset 33-30.

OAK (1-1) @ ARZ (1-1) – 3:15pm, CBS

Favorite: ARZ (-4)

Forecast: Retractable roof closed (99 degrees, sunny)

Start ‘Em: Steve Breaston (ARZ-WR)

Sit ‘Em: Jason Campbell (OAK-QB)

Prediction: This game is pretty clear cut. Two mediocre quarterbacks (Campbell won’t even play), throwing to okay receivers, with their back-up running backs behind them. Larry Fitzgerald will be on Nnamdi Asomugha island, so Breaston will be Anderson’s number one target. Oakland’s defense finds them a way to win. Raiders are victorious 14-13.

SD (1-1) @ SEA (1-1) – 3:15pm, CBS

Favorite: SD (-5.5)

Forecast: 67 degrees, 50% chance of showers

Start ‘Em: Phillip Rivers (SD-QB), Antonio Gates (SD-TE)

Sit ‘Em: Ryan Mathews (SD-RB), Matt Hasselbeck (SEA-QB)

Prediction: The Chargers had a tremendous defensive game last week against the Jaguars. Seattle may suffer the same ill-will. Rivers and Gates have hooked up for 133 yards and 3 touchdowns so far. Expect that chemistry to continue. San Diego should control the clock and thus this game, 33-16.

NYJ (1-1) @ MIA (2-0) – 7:20pm, NBC

Favorite: MIA (-2)

Forecast: 78 degrees, 30% of scattered thunderstorms

Start ‘Em: Shonn Green (NYJ-RB), Brandon Marshall (MIA-WR)

Sit ‘Em: Ronnie Brown (MIA-RB)

Prediction: Strange match-up for “Game of the Week” standards but diversity never hurt. The Jets defense will put a hammer down on Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams. Darrell Reavis will be inactive this week, so Antonio Cromartie will be on Brandon Marshall. Advantage, Marshall. He should get plenty of targets from Chad Henne. The Jets will pull even with Miami at 2-1 in the AFC East with their 24-17 win.

Monday, September 27, 2010

GB (2-0) @ CHI (2-0) – 7:30pm, ESPN

Favorite: GB (-3)

Forecast: 57 degrees, Sunny

Start ‘Em: Aaron Rodgers (GB-QB), Jermichael Finley (GB-TE), Jay Cutler (CHI-QB), Matt Forte (CHI-RB)

Sit ‘Em: Brandon Jackson (GB-RB)

Prediction: First place in the NFC North is on the line as the victor will improve to 3-0. The Bears are coming off a nice road win in Dallas where their defense led the way to victory. Jay Cutler has been exceptional thus far 649 yards, 5 touchdowns, and only one interception. Rodgers has been just as good if not better, though the stats back Cutler. Lots of big players could be solid in this game. Green Bay will bring Chicago back to earth just slightly, but ultimately the Bears pull off another stunner 23-20.


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