Madden 11 projects fantasy figures?

Posted: September 21, 2010 in News

For those players who use for their fantasy football venue, they will see a blue tab labeled “Projections” on their team’s home page. All of the statistics provided are not educated guess but rather the results of Madden 11. Yes, a video game spits out data that experts see as valid enough to project.

Other sites such as Yahoo! and ESPN all use man-made projections by means of crunching numbers and performance in prior weeks to help give players their most accurate guesses as to what to expect from players on Sunday. Neither have a video game sponsoring their projections, but does.

The use of Electronic Art’s Madden series has been incorporated into mainstream sports media over the past few years. ESPN and EA have a sponsorship where ESPN airs segments called “EA Sports Virtual Playbook” where an analyst appears in front play from an actual video game scene and breaks down keys to play. Examples have been used by ESPN’s NFL, NBA, and FIFA coverage.

Madden 11 is the most realistic, authentic sports video game yet to date. It sounds like fun and games to use the simulations of an artificial intelligence to predict statistics, but could the game know more than we could? Each player is specifically ranked in approximately 25 categories to make up his attributes. The total accuracy of this system have yet to be proven as we are a mere two weeks into the season, but imagine if the real numbers are even somewhat similiar to Madden’s projections. I’d start using the game to crunch numbers myself in 2011.

For the most up to date rankings for the Madden 11 video game, visit Pasta Padre’s Madden page by clicking here.


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